Automation is an inevitable trend in the food packaging…

At present, the competition in the international packaging machinery industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Food packaging machinery is moving in the direction of high-speed, multi-functionalization, and intelligent control. Faced with the severe situation, China's packaging machine

Accelerated growth of production and sales of automotiv…

According to the data provided by the China Automobile Industry Association’s latest issue of China's auto industry production and sales news, from January to November 2012, the country’s cumulative production and sales volume of automobiles respectively completed 17.4429 million

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Continues to Lead the Indus…

According to the annual dealer meeting of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company recently held, the 2012 domestic GDP growth fell below 8% for the first time in ten years, and the 4 trillion yuan investment support for truck demand continued to cause excess capacity, and the domestic heavy-duty card

Submersible pump safety precautions

Submersible pumps often cause burnout of the motor windings due to lack of water in the basin. In view of this situation, the submersible pumps have added several protection measures: water shortage protection, motor leakage protection, oil chamber leakage protection, insulation resistance protecti

How to decorate the restaurant

The kitchen and restaurant pursue a neat and pleasant style. They can decorate the small and elegant paintings and look beautiful and clean. If the content can promote appetite, it's even better. Green and white often become the main colors of the restaurant, creating a refreshing, fresh, and be

Machinery industry is expected to pick up moderately in…

China Drying News reported on the 11th from the China Federation of Machinery Industry that the toughest days in the machinery industry may have passed. In 2012, it is still expected to achieve double-digit growth. In 2013, the industry is expected to recover modestly. The federation stated that

Tiger's Sightseeing Car

China Motors Sightseeing Car Columns are included in the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Tourist Cars Automobile Announcement All 2 Categories 3 Manufacturers 3 Sightseeing Vehicle Brands 7 Sightseeing Vehicles Product Information, Late