Automatic CNC lathe components and working principle

An automated CNC lathe is a machine tool that uses CNC technology to implement actions according to preprogrammed programs. It consists of program carrier, input device, CNC unit, servo system, position feedback system and machine tool components.

Processing parts on an automated CNC lathe usually goes through the following steps:

1) According to the pattern of the processed parts and the process plan, write the program list with the specified code and program format, and record it on the carrier;

2) Input the program on the program carrier into the CNC unit through the input device;

3) After the CNC unit processes the input program, it sends a signal to the servo system of each coordinate of the machine tool;

4) The servo system drives the moving parts of the machine tool according to the signal sent from the CNC unit and controls the necessary auxiliary operations;

5) The relative motion of the tool and the workpiece is driven by the mechanical parts of the machine tool to process the required workpiece;

6) Detect the movement of the machine tool and feed it back to the CNC unit through the feedback device to reduce the machining error.

Of course, there is no detection and feedback system for open-loop CNC machine tools.


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