The National Standard of “South China Valve Set” “Feeding Pump Station” has been edited by 10 industry standards.

Hunan Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd. came from the news, the company's "small and medium-sized pumping station design specifications", the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association organized by the relevant experts identified that the future will be used as a national standard, become China's small and medium-sized feed pump Station engineering design basis.

According to the relevant person in charge of the company, the circulation of tap water, the drainage and draining of water, and the operation of the water diversion project must all be achieved through pumping station pressurization. Previously, our country's similar enterprises have all produced according to their own standards. The design institutes can refer to the unified national standards for the selection of valves. Many water plants in China stopped watering, pumping stations were flooded and pipe bursts and other accidents were caused by product selection errors.

The "Code" has different requirements for project construction materials for different working conditions, emphasizing the safety and scientific nature of the project construction; actively adopting new technologies, new materials, new equipment and new processes, and promoting energy conservation and environmental protection; for the domestic industry Internal engineering project construction and evaluation provide reference standards.

According to reports, the formulation and implementation of the “Code for the Design of Small and Medium-sized Water Pumping Stations” will help regulate the construction of water conservancy and hydropower, urban water supply and pumping stations, and promote the standardization of design, energy conservation, and environmental protection of water pumping stations in China. It is of great significance.

South Valve has been leading the technological innovation, a variety of products in the industry advanced level of technology, so far has been the chief editor of the pump control valve, water supply and drainage of multi-functional water pump control valve application technical specifications and other 10 industry standards, edited, incorporated into 28 countries, industries standard.

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