How to solve the salt spray test test box saturated barrel temperature is not up to standard

The salt spray test chamber has been used for salt spray corrosion tests for a long time to simulate harsh salt spray conditions, which can easily cause aging of the test chamber and affect the service life and work efficiency of accessories. The test chamber will inevitably have more or less or large or small faults. For example, the temperature of the saturated barrel of the salt spray test box cannot rise to the set temperature. If this happens, the user can perform the troubleshooting according to the following description. Maintenance, so that the experiment can be completed in a timely manner.

1. The temperature of the saturated barrel of the salt spray test box cannot rise to the set value. First, check whether the temperature of the saturated barrel temperature controller is too low. If the setting error occurs, simply reset the temperature controller to the desired value. Temperature can be.

2. When the saturation bucket safety protection switch is set too low, the temperature cannot be increased within the temperature protection value, and the safety protection switch is set to the required temperature value in time.

3, the heating system fails, can not be normal heating, view the failure of the accessories need to be replaced, or a system error problem, if the replacement of the damage can be, the system problems, it is recommended to find professionals to investigate and repair.

4, electromagnetic relay failure and controller failure, if the salt spray test test box there are problems in these two areas, the general does not understand the technology users do not arbitrarily repair, so as to avoid unnecessary damage, increase maintenance costs, should be timely repair manufacturers Esther's professionals conduct maintenance.

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