Application of Delta Bar Flow Meter in Steam Metering of Salt Making Industry

I. Overview With the continuous increase in the demand for salt for industrial use, the salt production units mainly engaged in subsidiaries of China National Salt Corporation have carried out technological transformation or expansion of production. The recovery of the salt industry has brought more applications to thermal instrumentation. Opportunities and challenges.

Our power plant of Jiuda (Yingcheng) Salt Co., Ltd. is more than 2,000 meters away from the salt production plant. The steam transmission pipeline is too long. Original orifice flowmeters were used, but measurement accuracy and pressure loss are very important for the measurement and transmission of steam. Large influences have led to a large difference between the gas consumption of the salt plant and the outflow of the power plant. At the same time, the outflow measured by the orifice plate and the theoretical calculation of the gas output also have large errors, which has seriously affected the normal use of gas in the salt plant. Power plant economics.

II. Measurement Plan

In order to solve the above measurement problems, the company's technical personnel through the evaluation of the program provided by a number of flow meter manufacturers, and at the same time to investigate the application of the product, the final determination of Ruitai instrument agent Delta Bar flowmeter. The Delta Bar Flowmeter is an equal flow tube flow meter manufactured by Systec-Controls of Germany. The flowmeter belongs to differential pressure type working principle and plug-in working method and can be used for flow measurement of gas, liquid and steam. It has the advantages of simple structure, small pressure loss, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It is a high-precision flow sensor that can be used under rather harsh conditions and can maintain good measurement performance.

According to the user's on-site process conditions, in order to accurately measure the boiler's main steam flow and saturated steam flow, we installed a total of four delta-bar plug-in flowmeters in this section to replace the previous nozzle and orifice plate measurement devices.

three. Installation and application

After careful selection and careful installation and commissioning by Reiter's engineers and technicians, the Delta Bar Flowmeter was successfully put into operation. The measurement point process parameters are as follows:

The batch flow meter has been put into operation for about a year and a half. Now the work is working well and it fully demonstrates the following excellent performance.
1. Easy to install. When the flowmeter is installed, only a small 28mm hole is drilled in the measuring pipe, and the mounting of the bracket can be used to complete the installation of the meter. The whole installation process does not exceed one hour, and it is particularly suitable for technical renovation projects.

2. The measurement is accurate and stable. The steam measurement problem has been plaguing the power plant and the salt plant. It has become a chronic problem. The application of delta bar flowmeter completely solved the problems such as unstable steam volume and inaccurate metering in salt making workshops.

3. Small pressure loss is another outstanding advantage of this product. The pressure loss of this product is only 5 to 10% of the orifice flowmeter, which is almost negligible. As the pressure loss is small, the boiler can increase the steam production and also make the operation of the boiler and the steam transmission pipeline more safe and reliable.

four. Concluding remarks Since the operation of the Delta Bar Flowmeter, excellent product performance and service quality have been fully recognized by the company. At the same time, it has also been widely used in other salt manufacturing industries. Practice has proved that the application of delta bar flowmeter in the salt industry is feasible, has played a catalytic role in improving the level of steam metering management, but also created a good economic benefits for the enterprise.

Omega Light Keel Forming Machine

Omega Light Keel Roll Forming Machine is used galvanized, PPGI, Aluminum coils as raw materials, products are light weigth, heavt duty, ususlly used for building decorations, especially suitable to use in bedroom, kitchen, washroom, corridor and so on.


Raw material PPGI, GI, Aluminum coils
Material thickness range 0.3-1mm
Forming speed 30-40m/min(without punching)
Rollers 12 rows
Material of forming rollers 45# steel with chromed
Shaft diameter and material 40mm, material is 40Cr
Controlling system PLC
Material of cutting blade Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
Voltage 380V/3Phase/50Hz or at your requirement
Main motor power 4KW
Hydraulic atation power 3KW
Way of driven Gear box

Working process:
Working process
Decoiler - Feeding guide - Straightening - Main roll forming machine - PLC control system
- Servo tracking cutting - Receiving table

Pictures for machine:

light keel

Light keel roll forming machine

Light keel roll forming machine

Light keel roll forming machine

Light keel roll forming machine

Light keel roll forming machine

Light keel roll forming machine

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