The importance and superiority of the application of ventilation systems in mines

In the initial stage of mine production, the fully mechanized longwall working face and the continuous miner working face are all mined in the 1-2 upper coal seam of the second plate area on the north side of the main road, and the longwall working noodle strip is arranged. The working face has a length of 250m and a height of 2.0m. It adopts ZY5500/13/29 high-strength two-column double-expansion shield type hydraulic support to support the top plate. The working surface design capacity is 2.2 million t/a, and the groove is net width 5000mm. A rectangular section with a net height of 2000 mm. Two sets of continuous miners are used for room and pillar mining, each with a production capacity of about 360,000 t/a. One set is used to prepare longwall facets and double tunnels. The main transportation of the mine uses a belt conveyor, and the auxiliary transportation uses a diesel internal combustion engine trackless rubber tire vehicle.

The gas emission from the Shijietai mine has not been formally determined. According to the gas parameters provided by the geological department, the gas emission is not more than 5.5m3/t. For safety reasons, the design of the Huangling No. 1 mine is adopted. Continuous coal mining machine wind supply includes two methods: one-way ventilation and two-way ventilation. Generally, the two-way ventilation effect is better. According to the experience of using the continuous coal mining machine for room and pillar mining in the United States, the air volume of each ventilation air duct is 4.72m3/s, which is enough to blow away the coal. The wind speed in the roadway is kept at 2.5m/s. . The use of continuous miners to open mine shafts has more than 50% air leakage. In order to maintain the optimal air volume for coal mining and roadway, the air leakage coefficient of the mining roadway is 1.4, the air leakage coefficient of the roadway is 1.25, and the air leakage coefficient of the main roadway is matched with the air pressure of 1.15. Two sets of continuous miner coal mining in Shijietai mine, in order to obtain a good working environment, two-way ventilation method is adopted. The last Hengchuan gas supply in the continuous miner mining area is 8.4m3/s. Two sets of continuous mining The minimum air supply capacity of coal mining: Q speed = 2@Q for K1K2 = 29.4m3 / s type Q for the final Hengchuan supply air volume; K1 mining roadway leakage coefficient; K2 panel roadway leakage coefficient. Excavation face air volume The mine is equipped with a continuous coal mining machine, which is used to prepare high-yield and high-efficiency working face along the trough and double-digging, which is easier to supply than the general digging face, and uses full negative pressure ventilation in the ventilation system. Next, equipped with a 28kW local fan, taking into account the factors that lead to the crossing of Yokogawa and the large air leakage, the air distribution is appropriately increased. The tailing lane is generally arranged for mining, and the wind flow in the mining roadway is cleaned. The Shijitai mine does not consider the arrangement of the tail road. Third, after the mine ventilation system is the return air of the single return air well, the net clean air pressure of the mine is large, and the air leakage will increase accordingly. Fourth, this design only considers a continuous coal mining machine heading face, and with the change of the position of the working face, it is possible to add a comprehensive working face in the future. Therefore, the total air distribution of Shijietai Mine is not too rich, and it needs to be inspected and corrected in the mine production process.

The mine ventilation system and negative pressure calculation are based on the preliminary review opinion of the preliminary design modification of the 5 Shijietai mine. It is agreed that two rubber wheel transporting lanes in the 1-2 coal seam can be constructed first; one belt conveyor can be added in the 2-2 coal seam. In the alley, the original 2-2 coal belt conveyor is used as the maintenance lane of the new 2-2 coal belt conveyor. The No. 2 inlet inclined shaft is determined according to the requirements of underground drainage, ventilation calculation and pipeline laying. Due to the large adjustment of the layout of the mine shaft, it provides the possibility for the return of the single wind well in the mine.

The negative pressure data without the brackets in the later stage of mine ventilation is the calculation result of the 2-2 coal belt maintenance roadway for the intake air. The data in the brackets is the calculation result of the 2-2 coal belt maintenance roadway for the return air. The two return air wells are used for the return air scheme at the same time. The mine ventilation cost is low, but the mine ventilation system management is complicated. The two sets of wind turbines operate at the same time as the angle networked road system, and the fan operation is unstable. In the initial stage of mine ventilation, the easy time (the first 10a) 2-2 coal maintenance road can be used for air intake and less ventilation facilities; therefore, it is recommended to adopt the scheme, that is, the mine air distribution amount is 116.0m3/s, and the No. 2 return air inclined shaft is used for one wind well. Return air.

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