Why do we need to use crude fiber tester to determine crude fiber content in feed production?

As with fats and proteins, crude fiber is also an important factor affecting the quality of feed, because crude fiber has its special role in the growth of livestock and poultry, but it is necessary to control the crude fiber content in feed to ensure nutritional balance. To meet the needs of different animal growth, then in addition to the use of fat analyzers to determine the fat content of feed, but also need to use crude fiber analyzer to determine the crude fiber content of feed, so that the produced feed products will be high quality, good nutrition, By livestock and poultry users of all ages.

Crude Fiber Tester

The special effect of crude fiber on livestock and poultry animals can be illustrated by the example of farm breeding. First, crude fiber can shorten the time the feed passes through the digestive tract: This can effectively prevent constipation in sows, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. At the same time, the digestion time is short, some harmful substances are not easily accumulated in the intestine, and the harm to pigs is reduced; secondly Crude fiber can exercise the pig's digestive function, which is beneficial for sows to feed more feed during breastfeeding. Third, crude fiber-rich feed products are relatively inexpensive. For farmers, they can make full use of these inexpensive agricultural and sideline products. , can greatly reduce production costs.

Although crude fiber can not directly provide nutrition to livestock and poultry to help it thrive, due to its special role, it is indispensable for the growth of livestock and poultry, but only fine-grained. Proportions, then it is possible to promote animal growth, increase production and increase quality, so in the process of production of feed, the role of crude fiber analyzer becomes very important, it can be said that it is an important tool to improve the quality of feed products and nutritional value It is also a winning formula for fodder manufacturers to enhance their core competitiveness and gain favor in the market. At this time, it is very easy to understand why the crude fibre content of the feed should be determined in the feed production.

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