Coincidence with Fujian guys 邂逅Jianghuai Maisifu

The card friend from Fujian said that his connection with Mai Sifu was only a coincidence, but after a year, Mai Sifu has now become an indispensable part of his life. He is a good partner for his work. .
. The JAC Light Truck with Maisfu Power The JAC Light Truck with Maisfu Power

This Maasfu MF3.2 technical parameters is amazing, 500 torque, 160 horsepower, performance refers to another joint venture engine ISF3.8, its fuel economy fuel consumption is even more powerful, the next day immediately flew 4S shop to see the live model . Sure enough, the new handsome bell configuration is very high, front-wheel disc brakes, electric windows, ABS, cruise control, see the heart, ah, after a bargaining set down after the bargain.

Time has passed so fast. It has been a year now. Now, let me tell you that in the past year, handsome Bells Mysford has accompanied me.

My car runs a fixed route (Land-loaded vehicles). The car currently has more than 85,000 kilometers. The car has a high attendance rate and runs almost every day. It is comfortable to drive.

Body decoration Body decoration

Power is very good, Mais Fu did not let me down, especially for people I am accustomed to driving fast, 4.11 rear axle speed is very high on the force to see the car on the super, opened a year of handsome bells, not in the Here, chaotic blowing, empty cars from Quanzhou back to Bozhou Longhai never encountered opponents (refer to the truck class) on the road to meet with a lot of competition with me, the general can think of the car are eating gray in the back, maybe someone Will not believe, but this is the truth. The license plate number of my super car will not be clearly stated (in order not to cause dissatisfaction). Some people may say that the speed of your car can't be accurately. Ah, I just want to say the speed of GPS measurement. It is 145 kilometers.

Auto Parts

Auto parts are the various units that make up the entire car and a product that serves the car. There are many types of auto parts. With the improvement of people's living standards, people consume more and more cars, and the market for auto parts becomes larger and larger.

The classification of auto parts can generally be divided into: engine parts, power train parts, brake parts, steering parts, driving parts, ignition parts, fuel parts, cooling parts, lubrication parts, electrical instrumentation parts and body Accessories.

Auto Parts

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