Application of leaf area meter in quality improvement of sugar beet

Sugar beet production and its sugar industry are pillar industries in many regions and play an important role in increasing farmers' incomes, local fiscal revenue, and economic prosperity. In order to maximize this industry and continue to increase production and income, it is necessary to start from the aspect of improving the quality and efficiency of sugar beets. On the one hand, it is necessary to increase the yield of sugar beets, and on the other hand, it is necessary to increase the sugar content of sugar beets and improve quality. . The application of leaf area meter as a scientific detection instrument in the management of sugar beet production can help the beet production base achieve reasonable cultivation and management, promote the efficient use of light, heat and water, and finally achieve the goal of improving quality and efficiency.

Leaf area meter

During the growth process of sugar beet, leaves bear the important responsibility of photosynthesis of sugar beet. Through the efficient use of light energy, photosynthetic products can accumulate and provide the main nutrient for root swelling and sugar accumulation, so the photosynthesis effect of sugar beet leaves is The accumulation of sugar can be said to have played a decisive role. The effect of photosynthesis, in addition to the influence of photosynthetic radiation, the biggest influence factor is the blade. Using the leaf area meter to measure the leaf area of ​​sugar beet leaves can not only find deficiencies, but also can guide the production and management work, and then improve the fertilizer and water conditions, promote nutrient supply, etc., help the beet leaves to obtain the ideal leaf area index, increase the leaf's The area irradiated by sunlight lays a solid foundation for improving the quality and efficiency of sugar beet crops.

In general, the larger the leaf area, the better, but within a reasonable range, can effectively promote the photosynthesis effect of the plant, because when the area of ​​the leaf increases, only the upper leaf can receive sunlight. The following leaves will be affected by the sunlight recruitment, so the light and effect of the green leaf will not increase again at this time, and only the respiration will be added, which will affect the overall photosynthesis effect of the crop. The correct method is to use the leaf area meter. To guide the improvement of the leaf area of ​​crops and increase the overall photosynthetic area of ​​crops, the application of leaf area meter in the production and cultivation of sugar beets has had a significant effect on the quality and efficiency of sugar beets.

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