Mixed use of waste rubber in 2011 is mixed

On November 17th, at the 16th member representative meeting of the Comprehensive Rubber Utilization Branch of China Rubber Industry Association, held in Jinan, Shandong Province, the 7th new chairman of the Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch of the China Rubber Association used a “flirt and misfortune” to describe it. The situation of comprehensive utilization of waste rubber in China in 2011.

Conde Wei pointed out in his summing up work that due to shortage of raw rubber resources and skyrocketing raw rubber price this year, the market for rubber renewable resource products has been popular, and the sales market for vulcanized rubber powder and recycled rubber has also been promoted. This is to increase the price of recycled rubber. Created certain conditions.

Judging from the statistics of the 47 member companies, the total output of reclaimed rubber and rubber powder from January to September 2011 increased by 13.91% year-on-year; the total sales volume increased by 13.91% year-on-year; the industrial output value increased by 15.43% year-on-year; Sales revenue increased by 20.2% year-on-year; realized profits increased by 4.47% year-on-year; total profits and taxes realized increased 16.81% year-on-year.

Kondev said that from the January to September 2011 business statistics point of view, recycled rubber as the main way to deal with waste rubber, the sales situation is still good; the direct application of rubber powder has also been a greater development.

He estimated that in 2011, the nation’s reclaimed rubber production will increase by more than 10% to 3 million tons on the basis of 2010; rubber powder production will increase by about 20% to 360,000 tons. If calculated at the constant price in 2010, the output value of 3 million tons of reclaimed rubber in 2011 will reach 13.02 billion yuan, and the output value of 360,000 tons of rubber powder may reach 1.566 billion yuan.

Condee then expressed his worries: "From January 1st this year, the Ministry of Finance will implement a two-year recovery of VAT refund policy for renewable resources, marking the end of the 50% rebate policy on VAT rebates for renewable resources. The use of corporate taxes will inevitably increase, and the production costs of enterprises will inevitably increase, making it difficult for companies that are already in the low-profit sector to adapt."

Many corporate representatives have expressed their feelings. Xiao Pingzhong, general manager of Shanghai Xiaoyou Rubber Co., Ltd., told reporters that since the company's waste rubber is mostly acquired from private companies, small-scale taxpayers do not have value-added tax invoices and cannot deduct input tax, which in effect causes duplicate taxation for processing companies. This has doubled corporate taxation, made the profit-making industry a loss, and made it difficult to survive, let alone speed up development.

In response, Lu Hongmin, the first chairman of the 8th Council of the Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch of the newly appointed China Rubber Industry Association, put forward that striving for national policy support and enhancing the quality of the company itself, guiding the company to self-reliance and self-reliance will be the focus of the Council. One of the jobs.

Lu Wumin said that in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" development plan, the state has raised the recycling economy to a certain height, and has formulated corresponding incentive and support policies for the recycling of used resources. We must strengthen the promotion of macro policies and laws and regulations for member units. In order to obtain relevant national preferential policies and supporting support funds. Implement the policy of comprehensive utilization of waste rubber resources. Through energy saving and emission reduction, elimination of outdated production capacity, industrial restructuring and other industrial policies that are in line with the national recycling, continue to apply to the national fiscal and taxation departments to obtain more government support and policies on income tax, export tax rebates, value added tax, and tariffs. stand by. At the same time, the company must also strengthen its own construction, continuously strengthen the concept of innovation and development, speed up the upgrading of products, further improve product quality, improve energy saving, environmental protection and governance, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, implement brand strategy, build quality brands, Enterprises do fine, excellent, bigger, stronger.

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