YCB stainless steel arc gear pump use

YCB stainless steel circular arc gear pump is suitable for medium with slight corrosivity or high hygienic conditions, which does not contain solid particles and fibers. The temperature does not exceed 280°C and the viscosity is not more than 2000 cst. In order to apply different working conditions, a variety of stainless steel pump products can be designed to use for different corrosive media. Common stainless steel gear pumps are made of stainless steel 304, 316, 316L. All stainless steel gear pump parts and materials are all chemically processed through a special process and have extremely high corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance. The main products of stainless steel gear pumps are forging products, ordinary sand casting products, precision casting products and silica sol precision casting products. The appearance of sophisticated, beautiful, low noise, long life and other characteristics. It is the first choice for chemical and corrosive equipment. YCB stainless steel circular arc gear pump adopts the point of continuous contact gear which is considered as the most advanced conveying pump in the world, that is, the double arc plus sinusoidal curve compounded into the tooth shape, which can completely eliminate the involute gear pump. Won a national-level major scientific and technological achievements projects, and won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of the State Education Commission. YCB stainless steel arc pump is in continuous contact between the two meshing tooth profiles. It does not generate oil trapping phenomenon. It completely solves the phenomena of pump vibration, noise, and bearing load increase caused by the oil trapping phenomenon of the involute gear pump. Therefore, the circular arc gear pump has the advantages of low efficiency, low noise, and good energy-saving effect. The combination of the corrosion-resistant fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal and the polytetrafluoroethylene high-temperature packing seal assembly has good sealing effect and high temperature resistance. Special working conditions can be stainless steel corrosion resistant mechanical seals.

The common gears of stainless steel gear pumps are straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth, and helical teeth. The tooth profiles mainly include involute and arc patterns. Usually small gear pumps use involute spur gears. High temperature gear pumps often use shift gears. Melt pumps that deliver high viscosity, high pressure polymer melts use involute helical gears. The gear is integrated with the shaft, and its rigidity and reliability are higher than those of a gear pump separately manufactured from the gear and the shaft. The gears of foreign low-pressure gear pumps often use a square structure, that is, the tooth width of the gear is equal to the diameter of the tip circle. The high-viscosity gear pump used in the high-viscosity gear pump tooth width is smaller than the diameter of the top circle, which is to reduce the radial compression area of ​​the gear, reduce the load of the gear and bearing. Stainless steel gear pump is a new type of liquid conveying machine, which has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance, continuous and uniform liquid discharge, stable pressure and so on.

YCB series stainless steel arc gear pump uses:

Suitable for conveying lubricating oils with no solid particles and fibers, no corrosion, no higher than 80°C, viscosity of 5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/s(5-1500cSt) or similar in nature Other liquids, as well as for hydraulic drive systems.

Application range of YCB series stainless steel arc gear pump:

In the oil system can be used as a transmission, booster pump;

In the fuel system can be used as a fuel pump for conveying, pressurizing, and spraying;

Can be used as a hydraulic power supply hydraulic pump in hydraulic transmission system;

In all industrial fields, it can be used as a lubricant pump.

YCB series arc gear pump structure features:

This series of gear pumps are mainly composed of gears, shafts, pump bodies, pump covers, bearing sleeves, and shaft end seals. Gears are manufactured with double arc sinusoidal teeth. Compared with the involute gear, the most prominent advantage is that there is no relative sliding of the tooth profile during the gear meshing process. Therefore, the tooth surface is free of wear, smooth operation, no liquid phenomenon, low noise, long life, and high efficiency. The pump is free from the shackles of traditional design, making the gear pump enter a new field of design, production and use.

The pump is equipped with a safety valve as overload protection. The total return pressure of the safety valve is 1.5 times the rated discharge pressure of the pump. It can also be adjusted according to actual needs within the allowable discharge pressure range. But pay attention to this safety valve can not be used for long-term work of the valve, if necessary, can be installed in the pipeline.

The shaft end seal design of the pump is in two forms. One is a mechanical seal and the other is a packing seal. It can be determined according to the specific use conditions and user requirements.

See the pump from the extended end of the main shaft for clockwise rotation.

The stainless steel circular arc gear pump relies on a rotary pump that transfers or supercharges a liquid by changing and moving a working volume formed between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear.

The stainless steel arc gear pump adopts the structure of an external meshing dual gear pump. A pair of intermeshing gears and cylinders separate the suction and discharge chambers. When the gear rotates, the inter-tooth space between the teeth on the side of the suction chamber side gradually increases, the pressure decreases, and the liquid enters the teeth under the pressure differential. With the rotation of the gear, the liquid between the teeth is brought to the discharge chamber. At this time, the inter-tooth space between the discharge chamber side gear teeth is gradually reduced, and the liquid is discharged. The gear pump is suitable for conveying lubricious liquids with no solid particles, no corrosion, and a wide range of viscosities. It is commonly used as a hydraulic pump and to deliver various types of oil. The gear pump has a simple and compact structure, is easy to manufacture, is easy to maintain, has good self-priming ability, and has a large flow and stable pressure. The gear pump must be equipped with a safety valve to prevent damage to the pump or prime mover due to a cause, such as a blocked outlet pipe, causing the outlet pressure of the pump to exceed the allowable value.

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