Hudong Zhonghua LNG6 No. 2 cargo tank pump tower lifting

At 12:45 on December 2, under the strong support and cooperation of various departments of Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., the LNG No. 6 tank cargo tank pump tower and liquid helium built at the No. 7 head of the company was small. The successful hoisting of the section has laid a good foundation for the finishing of the 2 cabins.
The LNG 6 ship 2 cabin full ship test ended on November 25 and officially began preparations for the lifting of the pump tower. During the main film welding of the No. 2 cabin, the two cadres and workers who were responsible for the main construction tasks of the ship strictly implemented the process discipline, so that the main film of the No. 2 capsule was repaired at the time of carrying the test, and the shipowner was in the project team. High praise at the meeting.
Pump tower hoisting is a difficult point in the construction of LNG ships. It requires not only the builders to have excellent technology and careful preparation, but also the external conditions of weather, temperature, humidity and tidal level to meet the requirements. Especially for the tidal level, due to the height of the pump tower itself and the height of the dock crane, the pump tower must be installed with a relatively suitable tidal level for safe lifting. According to the accurate calculation of the relevant departments of the company, the tidal level suitable for pump tower lifting in Huangpu River is from November 30th to December 3rd. If it is overdue, it will take more than half a month. However, the whole ship test just ended on November 25th, even if the pump tower was lifted on the morning of December 3, the time left for the staff of the final assembly was only 7 days, and there were still weekends. The weather conditions and air humidity of the day can meet the requirements of pump tower lifting.
There are only two options for this puzzle in front of you. The first is to grab time and protect the node, that is , to complete the pump tower lifting work before December 3; the second is to work normally without delay, and then start lifting at another low tide in Pujiang at the end of December. In response to this situation, the assembly department held a production meeting. The participants conducted a profound analysis based on the current production status of the LNG No. 6 ship, and made the final decision. All construction workers are required to overcome difficulties and seize time and protect nodes on the premise of ensuring safety and quality! At this time, the staff of LNG6 realized that to ensure the completion of the pump tower lifting task, the actual preparation time was only 4 days, from November 26 to November 29. Because during the low tide period of the Huangpu River, no one can ensure that the weather, temperature and humidity can meet the requirements of pump tower hoisting. All preparations for pump tower hoisting must be done before the low tide period, so that the external conditions can be achieved. Lift at any time when required.
In the precious and tense days of the four days, the two CCS workshops have prepared a detailed node research plan, rationally deploying manpower and material resources, considering in advance the technical or production problems that may occur within 4 days, and actively discussing and researching and solving; The leaders of the assembly department came to the pre-class meeting every morning to analyze the situation and cheer for the employees; the construction workers gave up the weekends, worked overtime, and worked hard every second; the production management department, the loading workshop, the CCS workshop, etc. actively communicated. An effective way to maximize the savings of high hanging resources and increase production efficiency. After the joint efforts of the two cadres and workers, the work was carried out in an orderly manner, and equipment such as air ducts, scaffolds and elevators were ordered out of the cabin.
After the preparations were properly prepared, the LNG#6 ship welcomed a good time to install the pump tower. On December 2nd, the weather, temperature, humidity, and tidal water all met the requirements for pump tower hoisting. The two related personnel began to hoist the pump tower for the No. 2 cabin with the cooperation of the company's brother department. At 9:45 am, the construction crew opened the pump tower and began installing slings for the pump tower. At 10:45, the pump tower was steadily hoisted into the cargo tank. At 12:45, the liquefaction of the liquid raft was completed. The hoisting work was successfully completed.
The successful lifting of the No. 2 cargo tank pump tower of LNG No. 6 has brought a firm confidence to the staff of the two LNG carriers. They will devote their efforts to the next stage of work with rigorous work attitude and hard work. The ship was delivered early and escorted.

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